SPAN-DS Awards DS Seniors Positive Role Model Award and Scholarships


On June 1st, SPAN-DS (Substance Prevention and Awareness Network-Dover Sherborn) gave the third annual Positive Role Model Award to Kerry Gallagher and Annika Linden, two deserving DSHS Seniors in the Class of 2016.

These two young women were recognized for their commitment to making responsible and safe decisions regarding alcohol and drugs, and by embracing a substance-free lifestyle during the high school years.  They were each awarded two plaques (one to be displayed in the high school and one to keep) as well as $600 to use for college expenses (books,tuition,supplies, etc).

The SPAN-DS Positive Role Model Award received a record number of qualified applications, and the Awards Committee (comprised of DS Administration,Faculty, police and SPAN-DS parent reps) was thrilled to see so many students excited to share their stories of positive leadership.  For the first time since the award’s inception, the Award’s Committee was deadlocked with the choice between these two very qualified candidates.  They finally agreed that they had two very distinct but equally strong candidates of character and integrity, so they decided to give them both the award.  The really good news here is that the majority of DSHS students are making good decisions around drugs and alcohol, and it is in large part due to leaders like Kerry Gallagher, Annika Linden and the other applicants.

While this award highlights students who lead by example, making responsible decisions around drugs and alcohol, The Positive Role Model aspect of this award goes much deeper.  Miss Gallagher and Miss Linden have many accomplishments and an impressive list of leadership roles.  Miss Gallagher is very committed to the arts.  She is a Drama Officer, Assistant Director of Summer Dinner Theatre and has volunteered for all Middle School Productions for the past four years, giving her over 400 hours of community service.  Miss Linden is  dedicated athlete at DSHS and was selected by the coached and administration to attend the MIAA Women In Sports Day, representing DSHS.  She was also chosen o attend the MIAA Leadership Summit.

SPAN-DS is committed to substance abuse prevention in the Dover-Sherborn community, especially among our youth.  Donations are always welcomed and can be placed online at our Paypal Donation link on this site.  The funding for the Positive Role Model award is made possible by SPAN-DS, both the Dover and Sherborn Police Departments, and anonymous donors.



SPAN-DS seeks to prevent and decrease substance abuse in our communities, especially among youth. To that end we help build networks among parents, students, and other individuals that will:
  • Heighten awareness
  • Promote responsible behaviors
  • Encourage strong support systems


If you would like to make a donation, you may write a check payable to SPAN-DS and mail it to PO Box 40, Dover, MA 02030 or pay with your credit card via the donation link below. SPAN-DS is a 501c3 organization and donations are tax deductible in accordance with applicable laws.
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